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Canadian Health and Care Mall, though it appears as if it is just an independent website, is actually a drugstore network. Being classified as a drugstore network, Canadian Health&Care Mall has its own set of identical-looking online drugstores featuring the same products, same prices and technically the same content. However, online pharmacies included in the Canadian Health&Care Mall network have different web addresses.

The purpose of network websites is to boost traffic to their main system. Sites involved in a pharmacy network are like invisible tentacles of an octopus—they only serve as an order gathering tool and merely forward the orders to the main order processing unit.

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a fully legal website operating with the approval from international (and national) pharmacy organizations. All of the medicines sold by this particular drugstore network are safe to use and effective, especially since they are at least approved by the local FDA.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

To further assure consumers of the network’s reliability, we scouted for available reviews for the network. We ended up accessing the following customer reports for a specific Canadian Health&Care Mall product, Zithromax:

Canadian Health&Care Mall Reviews
Canadian Health&Care Mall Reviews

It is one thing to receive your drug orders from a store and another thing to find the drug genuine or effective for your medical condition. As for Canadian Health&Care Mall’s product, though, patients were particularly happy with the quality of the meds they were able to purchase from the network.

According to Susan (from Washington), she was happy with the Zithromax she bought from Canadian Health&Care Mall because it was effective enough to clear her of her “strong vaginal yeast infection” that Diflucan can’t treat. In just a matter of days, she was completely cleared of her infection.

Methew also thanked the network store for his Zithromax product. He did not go into much detail when it came to his order, but he thanked the network enough for its reliable product.

Rachel, on the other hand, had a brief review on Zithromax and stated that the product helped her get rid of her pneumonia.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

The stores involved with the network Canadian Health&Care Mall is just like the typical online drugstores. Canadian Health&Care Mall is modest looking at most and without the heavy graphics typically featured more modern online pharmacies.

Despite the simplicity of appearance, the Canadian Health&Care Mall websites are packed with products significant to consumers with the need for cheaper medications—each Canadian Health&Care Mall shop is equipped with a plethora of generic and brand name medicines for almost every medical condition.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Website
Canadian Health and Care Mall Website

Canadian Health&Care Mall offers the best prices for medicines for impotence, bacterial infections, women’s health, fertility, and several other conditions. As for the sample prices, here are the network’s bestsellers and their corresponding prices:

  • Celebrex: $0.59 per pill
  • Zovirax: $0.65 per pill
  • Prednisolone: $0.35 per pill
  • Generic Viagra: $0.86 per pill
  • Generic Cialis: $1.65 per pill

Products on Canadian Health&Care Mall may be purchased even without prescriptions. As for payments, customers can use Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, or E-checks depending on their preference.

Shipping costs $10 for the regular option (3 weeks) and $30 for the express option (up to 9 days).

Canadian Health and Care Mall Codes

We routinely check for available coupon and discount codes for buyers but in the case of the network Canadian Health&Care Mall, there were no available codes. However, customers will get to enjoy other deals from this network:

Canadian Health&Care Mall Buyer Deals
Canadian Health&Care Mall Buyer Deals

Although the network does not have discount codes for buyers, it is offering decreasing fees for customers with larger orders. Buyers are also entitled to free pills on their every order and free shipping when orders reach at least $150.

Clients will also get to enjoy free insurance in the form of guaranteed reshipments when their orders reach at least $200. Customers in the United States may also have free shipping if they order products worth at least $300.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Numbers

Canadian Health&Care Mall did not have phone numbers for its clients, but it has a dedicated messaging integration which buyers can use to communicate with the customer support team. Besides, the network has also published its addresses in case buyers wanted to pay them a visit or write them a snail mail letter.

The USA Branch Office:

5501 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy,
Dallas, TX,
75240, USA

Main Office:

2425 Matheson Blvd E,
Mississauga, ON,
L4W 5K4, Canada


Level 12, Tower C, Building 8,
DLF Cyber City Complex, DLF City Phase II,
Gurgaon, 122002, India

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

One good thing about the Canadian Health&Care Mall network is that it is not linked with any illegal activity, which is otherwise common to online drugstores. No complaints about this store exist, much to our relief.


Network drugstores are now multiplying due to their lucrativeness for the companies they function for. The Canadian Health&Care Mall is an excellent example of a successful drugstore network well-loved by international clients. This network offers a wide range of medical products at affordable prices and also offers guaranteed deliveries for all their patrons. We believe that this network store is one you should try and give it a considerable score of 5 out of 5.

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